Hopeful parents can be oversold by fertility clinics; IVF is not the only way to successfully become pregnant.

Often, patients are able to avoid IVF or other invasive and costly fertility treatments by initiating fertility care earlier from an experienced fertility specialist.

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At Pelex, we know that many patients and couples with infertility don’t pursue treatment for many reasons, including cost, inconvenience, and burn out. We believe that welcoming patients to care earlier using an affordable and accessible fertility treatment decreases lifetime treatment burden and dropout.

Pelex is an online fertility practice and all our services are offered virtually. By offering unprecedented access to fertility treatment and consultation, we can help you whenever, wherever. That means no need to travel long distances, wait hours in an office, or months to see a specialist. 

Testing and Delivery

All diagnostic testing can be done locally or from an at home test delivered right to your door. Imaging procedures do not need to be done at your fertility specialists’ office; they can typically be done at a local imaging facility. Medications can be prescribed to your favorite local pharmacy or to a specialty pharmacy and shipped to your door.

Unparalleled Medication Support

Fertility treatment can be stressful enough and medications can seem overwhelming. At Pelex, we are pleased to offer pharmacy support by teaming with a clinical pharmacist to give our patients peace of mind and advice. We offer expert medication guidance and tools for managing your protocols. In addition, our staff is always comparing  the prices of medications at specialized pharmacies to ensure you get the best price.

Advice you can trust

Dr. Wolff has no financial ties to providers, groups, or agencies. That means she has no financial motivation to recommend certain treatments or diagnostic tests. Dr. Wolff also has a very extensive referral network throughout the country, so she can make sure you get set up with the right fertility specialist in your area if needed.

Skip the Clinic Prices

$24,373 is the average cost of fertility treatment at most major clinics. Trying to figure out what is included in costs of treatment can be mystifying. We decided to ditch confusing billing packages and surprise bills by offering a variety of affordable fee for service options that are all HSA/FSA eligible. 

How We Work

Select a service and schedule a virtual appointment or assessment with us.

A. Not sure what to expect? We will send you a list of topics you can cover with Dr. Wolff

Let’s get to know you!

A. We will have you fill out an online fertility questionnaire and health history.

B. We may ask that you send us more information depending on the complexity and nature of your fertility journey.

C. Having issues hunting down or getting copies of your records? We can help!

Dr. Wolff will see you now!

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B.After a thorough review of your health history and reproductive health, Dr. Wolff will give you a customized fertility plan that you can use to either jump start your fertility journey or make changes to your current one.

Keep the Conversation Moving

A. After you become a Pelex patient, meet with Dr. Wolff for check-ins and follow-ups.

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