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Although Dr. Wolff is not contracted with any insurance companies, we can help you submit to your insurance plan for reimbursement of any eligible out-of-network benefits.

Our services are also FSA and HSA eligible; we can provide the correct paperwork for filing these with your carrier.

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Fertility Consultation

One-on-one comprehensive review of your health and fertility history (and your partner's, if applicable) and any previous testing. Dr. Wolff will discuss your goals and fertility options. Depending on your unique situation, we may suggest additional bloodwork that can be drawn at a location near you.

*For those that ordered baseline testing prior to their Fertility Consultation through Pelex, the cost will be applied towards your consultation.

30-45 minutes
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IVF Review/2nd Opinion

An IVF review is an extensive review of any previous fertility treatments, labs, imaging studies or tests. This evaluation can help you gain perspective about what went well or what did not in previous cycles, and provide confidence in your next steps on your fertility journey.

Avoid long waits and get answers quickly with a fresh set of eyes.

*For those that ordered baseline testing prior to their IVF Assessment through Pelex, the cost will be applied towards your assessment.

45 minutes
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Fertility Check-in

These are for established Pelex patients who have already undergone virtual consultations or evaluations with us. This is a quick check in to discuss any diagnostic test results or those undergoing treatment with us.

This feature can also be utilized by those who have generalized fertility questions that may come up during their fertility journey.

15-20 minutes
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Contactless Options

We can help navigate which home diagnostic or local lab tests are right for you.

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Unique Services

Not seeing what you are looking for? Pelex offers a number of unique services, contact us for more details

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Male Fertility

At Pelex, we believe men undergoing fertility treatment deserve more attention, treatment, engagement, and help.

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